Fulcrum introduces new Red Zone Carbon+

Welcoming the world of “Plus”: the latest Fulcrum evolution in MTB wheel technology.

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  • Nip(ple) force profile
  • 2-Way Fit™ tubeless / Undrilled rim bed
  • 28 mm inner rim width
  • Engineered in Italy / Made in EU
  • 1,385 g

Fulcrum’s flagship wheelset for XC and Marathon racing has evolved with the feedback of elite riders. The Red Zone Carbon+ are the result of analyses and specific tests aimed at raising the performance of the Red Zone Carbon to the next level.


This process involved the riders of the Buff-Megamo team who, along with other riders, tested different configurations for a year in race conditions, to find the perfect balance and the maximum performance possible.


The optimal configuration was reached just before the 2023 Cape Epic, with a wheel weighing 1,385 grams, thanks to the use of a mix of resins and FF100 unidirectional high modulus fibres, produced to Fulcrum’s specifications, that maintains and improves all the structural characteristics and implements all of Fulcrum’s best technologies. The Red Zone Carbon+ have improved the handling and reactivity by, respectively, +9.5% and +10%, compared to the Red Zone Carbon.


The iconic and unique shape of the Red Zone Carbon NIP(PLE) FORCE rim has not changed and the MoMag and DSRC (Directional Rim-Spoke Coupling) technologies have also been included. The bearings are always in the cup and cone configuration, but they have been improved with USB™ (Ceramic Ultra Smooth Bearings) ceramic bearings, which increase the smoothness of the wheels and reduce both weight and maintenance. Comparative tests have revealed that USB™ bearings are 50% smoother than sealed bearings.   

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The Red Zone Carbon+ feature Fulcrum’s new graphics, with the logos of the main technologies laser printed on the rim, as an integral part of the look of the wheels. The rims feature the DIMF (Direct Inmold Matt Finish) matt finish from the mold, without any additional painting, and laser printed details and gun metal grey metal labels, with a special pattern to complete the modern and aggressive look.   


The result is a wheel that provides the maximum performance levels for competitive riders who demand the best from their equipment. This is a significant statement of Fulcrum’s commitment to returning to top-flight competitions on the global MTB racing stage.  

Asymmetric Rim: New lamination and lots of technologies 

The fundamental aspect of the Red Zone Carbon+ rim is the use of a new mix of resins and FF100 unidirectional high modulus fibres, produced to Fulcrum’s specifications, whose complex positioning achieves performance characteristics at the top of the category, reduces the weight by 4-5% compared to the Red Zone Carbon and provides a superior ride feel.

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Fulcrum Red Zone Carbon+ - Assymetric rim.png
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The NIP(PLE) FORCE asymmetrical profile is most evident of the key technologies of this wheel.

The main advantage of this solution is a wheel system with a homogenous, uniform and reliable performance, as well as greater resistance to lateral stresses. This is achieved with a double asymmetry: 6mm on one side and 3.5 mm on the other.

The first is designed to optimise the dish of the spokes on the side subject to most torsions (disc side on the front and freewheel on the rear) in order to rebalance the spoke tension. The second asymmetry, on the opposite side, is fundamental to achieve a spoke positioning that passes as close as possible to the centre of the geometrical section, decreasing the torsional moment typical of asymmetrical MTB rims.


A specific plastic support is sunk in the carbon, close to the nipple hole area: this is the DRSC™ (Directional Rim-Spoke Coupling) technology. This element provides greater stiffness, ensuring that the nipples are seated correctly in their seating, guaranteeing a uniform distribution of the forces, as well as a perfect alignment of the spokes between the rim and the hub. 


The rims features a profile of 26 mm and an inner rim channel of 28 mm: the ideal formula to work with tyres from 2.2 to 2.4”.

The inner rim channel does not have any holes on the bridge thanks to our MoMAGTM technology, which allows for an immediate, safe and easy tubeless use. Moreover the absence of holes increases the resistance and stiffness of the rim structure, compared to a drilled rim, as the fibres don’t have any interruptions. 

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Hub and bearings: USB™ - Ultra Smooth Bearings

The conical hubs, with the flange machined in the bearing caps, provide the best possible seating for the spokes and maximise flexural resistance. The hubs spin on aerospace grade aluminium alloy axles that allow the system to work with centesimal tolerances and perfectly aligned, guaranteeing high performance and long term reliability.


This refined hub system is completed with cup and cone USB™ (Ceramic Ultra Smooth Bearings) ceramic bearings: the best of Fulcrum’s technology in terms of smoothness and reliability.


The ratchet system of the freewheel has also seen improvements, whilst maintaining the 3 ratchet operation with 36 teeth. The new HT+ bodies have a steel insert close to the seating of the ratchets to provide a more solid and long lasting engagement. The ratchet technology is still Fulcrums preferred choice to ensure a solid engagement, simple maintenance and less friction during coasting.

Fulcrum Red Zone Carbon+ - Performance chart.png
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  • Tyre Type: 2-Way Fit™ (tube & tubeless)
  • Tyre Size: 29”
  • Discipline: XC / Marathon
  • ASTM Category: 3
  • Weight: 1,385 g
  • Rim material: Full Carbon (FF100)
  • Rim material details: Direct Inmold Matt Finish (DIMF)
  • Rim height: 26 mm
  • Rim width: 33 mm
  • Inner rim width: 28 mm
  • Braking system: Disc brake
  • Braking surface / Options: AFS™
  • Front axle compatibility: HH15-110
  • Rear axle compatibility: HH12-148
  • Front wheel spokes: 24
  • Rear wheel spokes: 24
  • Spokes material: Stainless steel - Double butted
  • Spokes profile: Rounded, Straight-pull
  • Nipples: Aluminum, Self-locking
  • Front Hub: Aluminum, Low flanges
  • Rear Hub: Aluminum, Low flanges
  • Bearings: USB™ ceramic, Adj. Cup & Cone bearing system
  • Others: Real Axle Technology
  • Weight limit (system): 125 kg
  • FWB Version: XD, MS12
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