Ere Research collaborates with Intermarché-Wanty and launches cutting-edge time trial wheels

Ere Research, a leading innovator in cycling equipment, is excited to announce the launch of its high-quality time trial wheels, Genus AE92-D front wheel and Genus AE00-D disc wheel and their collaboration with World Tour team Intermarché-Wanty.

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Ere Research, a leading innovator in cycling equipment, proudly announces the successful launch of their time trial wheels, developed in collaboration with the esteemed World Tour team Intermarché-Wanty. The partnership aims to create wheels specifically designed for time trials in cycling, pushing the limits of performance and speed.

Piet van der Velde, founder of Ere Research is very delighted about the collaboration with Intermarché-Wanty. "After seven years of hard work, we arrive in the World Tour with Team Intermarché-Wanty. I couldn't be more proud."

The wheels are received very well by the World Tour team. Mikey van Kruiningen (Head Mechanic): “In our continuous search for improvements, we once again succeeded last winter in making our time trial equipment more efficient. Thanks to our close collaboration with Cube Bikes, we can equip more and more riders with custom-made time trial handlebars and we have ended up with Ere Research as a new partner for time trial wheels. Ere Research provides us with Genus AE00-D disc rear wheels that weigh just 1150 grams and give us the weight gain we were looking for. In combination with the 92mm high rims of the Genus AE92-D, we have very high-performance time trial wheels at high speeds. Our riders are also very satisfied with the stability on the bike, even in difficult conditions with a lot of wind, which is thanks to the ingenious shape of the rims."

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The high-performance wheels have already made a entrance in the 2024 cycling season, being ridden in UCI races: Algarve, UAE Tour, the prologue of Tirreno-Adriatico on March 4, and the Time Trial stage in Paris-Nice on March 5.

Weighing in at an impressive 890 grams, the Genus AE92-D is created for time trial specialists. It's a wheel they can rely on. With a rim height of 92 mm and an inner width of 21 mm, it boasts aerodynamics to enhance performance. The well-known Panama SL hubs, also used on the other Genus wheels in the range, and Enduro bearings further contribute to the wheel's durability and efficiency.

The Genus AE00-D rear wheel, with a mix of Enduro and SKF bearings, makes the set complete. The full-disc wheel is designed for optimal aerodynamics, has an inner width of 21 mm and weighs just 1.150 grams. The Genus AE00-D has the flexibility to accommodate both Sram and Shimano freehubs.

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The new Genus wheels are made for full-on racing and performance excellence. When there is a need for reliability, endurance, and straightforward performance, this wheelset will deliver. Both wheels passed the UCI tests to participate in UCI Time Trial races.

Ere Research is very excited to collaborate with the Intermarché-Wanty team and proudly brings the cutting-edge time trial wheels to the cycling community. The wheels will be available for every time trial or triathlon enthousiast via and Ere Research dealers.

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Genus AE92-D (front wheel):

  • Weight: 890 gram
  • Rim height: 92 mm
  • Inner width: 21 mm
  • Hubs: Panama SL
  • Spokes: Sapim CX Ray
  • Nipples: Sapim 16mm Black
  • Axle: X12
  • Bearings: 2 x Enduro
  • Race ready: UCI approved
  • Price: €899,-
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Genus AE00-D (disc wheel):

  • Weight: 1.150 gram
  • Rim height: closed disc wheel
  • Inner width: 21 mm
  • Freehub: Sram, Shimano
  • Hubs: Panama DD
  • Axle: X12
  • Bearings: 2 x SKF / 2 x Enduro
  • Race ready: UCI approved
  • Price: €1.699
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