New CUBE Numove kids' bikes: ultralight and perfectly proportioned

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  • Learning to ride from an early age: from 12" to 24"
  • Super light, up to 500 grams lighter than the competition
  • Kids Ergonomics Optimized

A child's bike shouldn't be heavy, or have controls that are tough for small hands to use. That's why CUBE has developed a new series of kids bikes with precisely these requirements in mind. The new CUBE Numove is incredibly lightweight and perfectly proportioned, while still retaining the toughness that any child's bike needs to withstand enthusiastic play.

Because the series is available in six different sizes, each in various colours, the Numove is perfect for kids to learn to ride a bike and for kids who already have some bike skills. The two largest sizes come in a 'Street' variant, fully equipped with mudguards, carrier, kickstand, and lights.

Light, lighter, lightest

The new Numove series is light, lighter, lightest – up to 500 grams lighter than the competition. CUBE achieves this by using a lightweight aluminum frame and fork. For example, the 16” frame weighs only 870 grams, a whopping 180 grams lighter than the 16” frame of the CUBE Cubie.

Not only the frame and fork are ultralight. CUBE also ensures that the small parts, such as the front hub, are as light as possible. And all this without sacrificing strength because a children's bike must be able to withstand rough treatment.

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Specially designed for young riders

In addition to being super light, the Numove series is also designed to perfectly fit young riders. Everything has been considered: from a narrow Q-factor (the distance between the cranks) and the use of short cranks to thinner handlebars and grips perfectly sized for small hands. In the smaller models, from 12” to 18”, the handlebar is slightly raised, while the length and height of the stem on the larger models, 20” and 24”, are easily adjustable. This ensures that the cockpit is perfectly adapted to the short arms and small hands of young adventurers.

The first Numove models are now available at the CUBE dealer. For more information, visit

Model overview

Numove 120

It might be small, but the Numove 120 is full of attention to detail. Lightweight aluminium tubing, lots of standover clearance and no sharp edges all come as standard – and, of course, there's a choice of frame finishes to suit every child.

With easy-to-use powerful rear coaster brakes and front rim brakes controlled by levers that are specially designed for small hands, they'll always be able to slow and stop safely. Loads of clearance helps build confidence, and the included chain guard keeps your youngster's legs clear of the transmission.

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Wheel Size: 12"

Height: 92 - 104 cm

Inside Leg Length: 36 - 45 cm

Price: £339,-

Numove 140

he Numove 140's slimline frame is designed from the ground up to be as light as as possible, without sacrificing the strength that any child's bike needs. With a matching alloy rigid fork and proportions and geometry to flatter a youngster's growing confidence, it's the starter bike you probably wish was available when you were a kid.

The Numove 140's specially designed frame and fork is built with low weight in mind, and matched with components – like the CUBE stem and German-made Thun bottom bracket – that are also light and durable. Light wheels are shod with narrow tyres, and we fitted V-brakes front and rear – with levers, handlebars and grips matched to small hands.

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Wheel Size: 14"

Height: 97 - 107 cm

Inside Leg Length: 39 - 47 cm

Price: £359,-

Numove 160

Just like with our adult bikes, the Numove 160 blends the fun of responsive handling with the safety of stable, predictable steering – and the reassurance of having passed through our rigorous in-house testing processes. The lightweight 6061 aluminium frame features rounded edges and corners to help minimise the risk of injury, but it's also more than tough enough to stand up to enthusiastic use.

Sensibly proportioned, child-friendly components are designed to last the course and to suit a growing child's build and strength perfectly. The chain is safely enclosed out of harm's way, while light, easy-to-use V-brakes.

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Wheel Size: 16"

Height: 102 - 111 cm

Inside Leg Length: 41 - 49 cm

Price: £389,-

Numove 180

The light, strong 6061 aluminium that we use is built into a structure that's easy to ride, but tough enough to withstand plenty of young enthusiasm and energy – and the odd mishap, too. It's every inch a real bike just like the ones we make for grown-ups, but stripped down to the bare essentials.

Its front and rear V-brakes – operated by levers designed specifically to suit small hands – are easy to use and have just the right amount of power for slowing and stopping safely. A chain guard keeps the chain safely hidden, and the Schwalbe tyres are just like the ones fitted to mum or dad's bike. The handling is designed to be both fun and safe.

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Wheel Size: 18"

Height: 107 - 118 cm

Inside Leg Length: 45 - 52 cm

Price: £399,-

Numove 200

The Numove 200's svelte, lightweight aluminium frame has been meticulously designed to offer just the right blend of low weight, strength and durability to meet the needs of a young, keen rider. With a matching rigid fork and geometry that's designed for lively but safe handling, it's the ideal starting point for any junior cyclist.

Light, strong V-brakes are operated by levers that are also designed for shorter fingers, and a fully adjustable CUBE stem makes it easy to adapt both the height and reach of the handlebars for a perfect fit. Shimano's 8-speed gears are easy to use and light, grippy tyres on strong, fast-rolling but lightweight wheels finish the package. There's even a Street version with a full set of accessories – including mudguards, luggage carrier, lights and a kickstand.

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Wheel Size: 20"

Height: 111 - 124 cm

Inside Leg Length: 49 - 57 cm

Price: £539,- / £599,- (Street)

Numove 240

From its lightweight aluminium frame and fork to the adjustable stem and controls specially designed to fit small hands, the Numove 240 is a thoroughly thought-through machine that any junior rider is going to love.

CUBE chose a lightweight Thun bottom bracket – made in Germany – and grippy but fast-rolling Schwalbe Little Joe tyres. V-brakes are powerful and easy to use, thanks to levers that are specially designed to fit small hands. Handlebars and grips are also narrower than usual, and the light and fully adjustable CUBE stem means you can easily tweak reach and height. Shimano 8-speed gears are the finishing touch, giving the confidence and range to keep up on family adventures.

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Wheel Size: 24"

Height: 118 - 136 cm

Inside Leg Length: 52 - 63 cm

Price: £569,- / £619,- (Street)

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