New pannier bags from Acid make the CUBE Longtail Hybrid even more versatile

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The Longtail Hybrid, made by German bike manufacturer CUBE, is an incredibly multifunctional transport e-bike. There is room for up to two bike seats for childrem and there are many extra accessories available, such as wooden footrests, a comfortable seat, a rack at the front or a rack at the back in which a crate can be secured. Is there a better, traffic-beating way of transporting kids or loads around town? But sometimes you just want a little more space to take things with you. The latest addition to the Longtail Hybrid accessories, the Acid Pannier Pro 45/2, gives you endless possibilities.

The Acid Pannier Pro 45/2 is a set of bags specially designed for the luggage carrier of the CUBE Longtail Hybrid. With the set you have no less than 90 liters of luggage space at your disposal. This makes them a lot more spacious than other pannier bags, such as the Acid Pannier Pro 20/2. And with the various compartments on the inside you can safely store smaller items and easily find them again.

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The bags can be securely attached to the luggage carrier with Velcro straps, without hindering the freedom of movement. And if you don't need to transport anything, easily fold the bags and turn them into a compact package. The clips will keep the folded bags in place and they won't get in the way or flap around while cycling.

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For maximum longevity, the Acid Pannier Pro 45/2 has a waterproof welded construction using abrasion-resistant outer material - PVC-free. This way you can be sure that the bags will last a long time and can withstand a heavy rain shower. Finally, safety has also been taken care of with reflective details for better visibility on the road.

The new bags from Acid are a practical addition for the Longtail Hybrid and make the transport e-bike even more versatile than it already was. The Acid Pannier Pro 45/2 are now available at the CUBE dealer.


  • Only compatible with CUBE Longtail Hybrid
  • Waterproof
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • PVC-free
  • Welded construction
  • Empty bags can be folded flat
  • Secure mounting on the carrier by velcro straps
  • Inner compartment with zipper
  • Mesh compartments
  • Reflective details
  • Price: 199,95 GBP

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