Ere Research partners with team Bingoal WB

Ere Research and Bingoal WB 2024: Elevating cycling to new heights

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Cycling Team Bingoal WB, a distinguished Belgian cycling team competing at the Professional Continental level, has entered a new era with the inclusion of Ere Research as their official partner for high-end handlebar tape.

Founded in 2011 under the initiative of the Minister of Sport of the Federation Wallonia-Brussels, the team has experienced continuous growth, garnering substantial support from private partners, including their esteemed title sponsor, "Bingoal WB.”

Starting from 2024, Ere Research brings a new level of sophistication to the team with their handlebar tape. The tape ensures not only comfort but also effective anti-vibration properties, crucial for professional cyclists pushing their limits.

Every detail is crucial

Christophe Brandt, the team manager of Bingoal WB, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "In the world of professional cycling, every detail is crucial, and the quality of the material is of the utmost importance. With Ere Research, we have found a partner who shares our dedication to top performance and delivers high-quality handlebar tapes that meet the demands of our team.” He added that they are looking forward to exploring additional products together in the future to elevate their performance even further. "We will be examining which products we can collaboratively take to the next level, reinforcing our commitment to excellence," Brandt remarked.

At the heart of Bingoal's mission is a dedication to excellence, manifested through its dual entities – a UCI Pro Team and a Young Talent Development Team. This strategic approach not only aims to excel with seasoned professional riders but also places significant emphasis on nurturing emerging talents destined for the challenging professional cycling domain.

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Designed with precision and comfort

"At Ere Research, we strive for perfection in every aspect of our products. We are honoured to collaborate with Team Bingoal WB, a team known for its determination and pursuit of excellence. Our handlebar tapes are designed with precision and comfort in mind, and we look forward to contributing to the successes of Team Bingoal in the upcoming season," remarked Ere Research founder Piet van der Velde.

In conclusion, Bingoal WB 2024 not only emerges as a formidable presence on the professional cycling stage but also stands as a dedicated entity shaping the future of cycling through robust training and development programs.

Ere Research showcases her cycling products at Velofollies including a Bingoal WB team bike and a competition to win a VIP day at Dwars door Vlaanderen.

Velofollies 19-20-21 January 2024 – Booth 335

Feel free to pop by, talk bikes and drink a cup of coffee with the Ere team!

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