SQlab expands 'Made in Germany' line with new saddle

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Looking for a relaxed and comfortable bike ride, with more efficient power transmission and without unpleasant pressure points? And all that on a carbon saddle that's sourced locally? Soon the popular mountain bike saddle from SQlab will also be available in the 'Made in Germany' line-up! SQlab introduces the new SQlab 611 Infinergy® ERGOWAVE® active 2.1 Carbon.

The proven ERGOWAVE® shape is combined with BASF Infinergy® material "Made in Germany" and a carbon base "Swiss made". How advanced do you want it? The saddle is designed for all-mountain and enduro bikes and will be available later this summer.

The perfect fit for women and men

It‘s not a secret anymore: a saddle must fit like a pair of shoes! Because if a saddle is too narrow, the pressure is applied in spots where it shouldn’t. In 2002 SQlab was the first saddle manufacturer to invent a system to measure the distance between the sit bones and calculate the optimal saddle width. All SQlab saddle models are now available in up to five different widths. This guarantees that the sit bones lie flat on the saddle. This is the only way to relieve the sensitive perineal area in men and the usually deeper positioned pubic arch in women. The new 611 Infinergy® ERGOWAVE® active 2.1 Carbon „Made in Germany“ saddle comes in five different widths (13 / 14 / 15 / 16 / 17 cm) and therefore offers the optimal fit for men and women alike.


The new active system has not only become lighter, but also much smoother. The lateral movement, which increases comfort and is easy on the intervertebral discs, was one of the functions that led to many test victories for SQlab saddles in recent years. The activemovement is even more adjustable in the new models, as the elastomers have become smaller and lighter. The shell consists of a new plastic/fiberglass mix which additionally enables the active function via the material flex.

The SQlab active saddle technology enables a physiological movement of the pelvis. This ensures a round pedaling motion, which can provide relief for intervertebral discs and facet joints. This may contribute to a more fatigue-free riding and to the prevention of complaints in the lower lumbar spine area. Dr. Markus Knöringer, medical specialist in neurosurgery, intervertebral disc and spinal surgery and sports doctor.
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SQlab saddles have been given a stepped shape over the years, based on current medical insights, to transfer the pressure from the sensitive parts to the sit bones. The wave shape and raised back of the saddle prevent you from slipping backwards on steep climbs and provide a more effective pedaling action, even on flat sections. The flat, lower positioned nose of the saddle and the dimple in the center effectively prevent the pinching of blood vessels and nerves during cycling, for both men and women.

SQlab founder & managing director Tobias Hild looks excitedly into the future

Since the early days of SQlab - almost twenty years ago - we have been thinking about the production technology for each new product and discuss and work a lot with experts from our region. Until now, the high percentage of manual work has always been the big problem in bringing production back to Germany. In addition, in Taiwan the „production know-how has reached a very high level. Much of the work is now automated there as well and is carried out according to strict environmental, occupational safety and social guidelines. But what still distinguishes us in Germany is the strong and world-leading mechanical engineering, especially automation and robot technology. So we only had to bring together the best experts from materials research and manufacturing, which we succeeded in doing with Oechsler and BASF. Now it is possible to bring the production back to Germany. This is just the beginning, but there is much more possible. We are looking forward to short distances, short delivery times and a significantly higher speed of innovation. Tobias Hild, SQlab founder & managing director
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Locally produced

What began as a „Made in Germany“ project is taking on ever clearer shape. After the successful launch of the 6OX Infinergy® ERGOWAVE® active saddle, other saddle models manufactured in Germany are now following. The benefits are not only clearly noticeable for the customer, but above all for the environment. Access to the latest materials and manufacturing methods also allows SQlab to work with top experts in materials research and manufacturing to improve the functions, durability and quality of the product.

From an environmental standpoint, the local sourcing of SQlab „Made in Germany“ products not only means that the long transport route is eliminated, but also that manufacturing is extremely efficient and subject to strict, German guidelines for harmful substances. Local manufacturing, quality assurance and durability are crucial for the SQlab project.

Materials used

The special feature of the new Infinergy® saddle series „Made in Germany“ is the foam of the saddle, which no longer consists of classic PU foam, but of the BASF Infinergy® material known from running shoes. This material is very robust and brings comfort to a completely new level, especially off-road, due to the faster rebound.

The cover is not pulled over the entire surface of the saddle as in classic saddles. There are only „tapes“ in the important places. These are connected to the Infinergy® foam automatically and without glue. The production technology was developed very successfully a few years ago by Oechsler in Ansbach, a large automotive supplier, for a major sports equipment manufacturer. SQlab and Oechsler then jointly optimized this process for saddles.

Carbon rails made in Switzerland

Carbon requires a lot of manual labor in production, with the result that more and more expensive carbon products are now coming from low-cost countries. We have decided to take the opposite approach. As with the saddle, a combination of automation and manual labor makes a local production in Germany and Switzerland possible. This means precision and attention on the highest level. Precision is very important, especially for rails, and no one can do this better than a Kuka robot. The technology of the robot for saddle rails was developed in Switzerland. For more than ten years, SQlab have repeatedly been involved in various projects for the automation of carbon manufacturing, and for the last five years they have been specifically involved in this project in Switzerland.

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