CUBE presents Trike Hybrid - revolutionary cargo trike for new era of mobility

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The production model Trike Hybrid from CUBE is the culmination of multiple iterations of the concept bike, initially developed in collaboration with BMW. The cargo trike with two rear wheels and one front wheel comes fully equipped in both a Family and a Cargo version. Its patented innovative Tilting Technology opens up diverse potential applications and is a solution for a new era of mobility. One of the first opportunities to experience riding the Trike Hybrid will be at the CUBE stand at Cycle Week in Zürich and at the E-Bike Days in Munich.

Innovative tilting technology for a natural feel

The three-wheeled Trike Hybrid is built around a front main frame that leans into corners independently of the rear section. An innovative tilting mechanism allows the bike and cargo to remain stable and safe when cornering, while retaining the natural ride feel of a conventional bicycle. A further advantage of the non-tipping cargo box is that the extra load weight barely has an effect on the handling.

Combined with a pedal-activated electrified drivetrain driving both rear wheels and a powerful Bosch 750 Wh battery, the Trike Hybrid offers an intuitive and dependable mode of transport. CUBE’S ONE SIZE concept allows a wide variety of riders from 1.60 to 1.90 m tall (around 5ft 2in to 6ft 2in) to safely use the Trike Hybrid. The concept also includes innovative configuration options for carrying cargo and/or children, as well as a total system weight of 220 kg (around 485 lbs). It’s a practical and versatile mobility solution for everyday use and more besides.

The mobility of the future is one of the most pressing challenges of our time. The e-bike is one of the few approaches to have established itself in recent years. We want to play an active role in designing and realising new mobility solutions. Inspired by the idea from BMW, we poured our entire know-how into building this production-ready cargo e-trike. We have created an ultra-compact, nimble and safe form of transport that is a pleasure to ride and can be used by anyone. The electric assist opens up a huge range of applications that extend beyond urban use, while the compact design makes it easy and safe to manoeuvre. And the flexible configuration options mean you can transport virtually anything. Andreas Foti, CUBE’s Managing Director. 
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Two version - for kids and for cargo

The Trike Hybrid will be available to purchase in two fully equipped versions. The Trike Family Hybrid, designed specifically to cater to families, offers a flexible and safe way to carry one or two children as well as shopping or other items. The Trike Cargo Hybrid, with 50 kg (around 111 lbs) of load-carrying capacity and a height-adjustable cover, is the ideal solution for carrying dogs or other loads. Both versions are based on the same technological concept with the innovative tilting mechanism and resulting intuitive handling. Feels like riding, but more – more opportunities for transportation, riders and use.

CUBE will be at Cycle Week in Zürich from 11 to 14 May and at the E-Bike Days in Munich from 19 to 21 May. Visitors will have the opportunity to ask questions and test ride the Trike Hybrid models.

The Trike Family Hybrid in the colours flashwhite and swampgrey will be available soon. The Family version in the colour blue'n'reflex and the Trike Cargo will be available later this year.

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  • Drive Unit: Bosch Unit Cargo Line Gen 4 (85N) Cruise (250Watt), Smart System
  • Battery: Bosch PowerTube 750 Axial
  • Remote: Bosch LED Remote
  • Display: Bosch Kiox 300
  • Charger: Bosch 4A

  • Brakes: Tektro Auriga Twin+ HD-E745 with parking lock mechanism
  • Shifters: Enviolo Cargo Manual
  • Tyres: Schwalbe Pick-Up, Super Defense
  • Included: front and rear light, mudguards, kickstand, bell

  • Weight: 75 kg
  • Maximum load cargo compartment: 50 kg
  • System weight: 220 kg
  • Price: 6499,- (Family) 5.999,- (Cargo)

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