From trails to commuting, one bike to rule them all

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Cycling is a fantastic way to stay active while enjoying the outdoors. Whether you cycle daily or just occasionally, everyone can benefit from the fun and advantages of cycling.

CUBE understands that there are many different types of cyclists, which is why they offer a wide range of models to meet everyone's needs and abilities, including the CUBE CMPT series. The CMPT series offers an extensive range of affordable and versatile mountain bikes that are suitable for everyone. Whether you are new to mountain biking, have many miles of experience, or simply want to cycle to work, there is a CMPT model that suits you.

Mountain bikes starting at 549 GBP

A hardtail is the can-do bike of mountain biking – and our CMPT hardtails can do more than most. Crafted from aluminium and designed to offer the optimum balance of durability and low weight, each one offers reassuringly safe, comfortable handling and the kind of low maintenance trail fun that's a key part of every great hardtail. Trail riding was never more accessible.

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Fortunately, you don't have to break the bank to start cycling. Even with a small budget, you can purchase a good bike. The CMPT series consists of four models of mountain bikes - the Aim, Analog, Attention en Acid - starting at a modest price of 549 GBP.

The differences between the four models are in the components used. For example, the Aim models have a double chainring and offer 2x9 gears, sufficient range to conquer most climbs. Don’t want to think about which chainring you’re using? Analog, Attention and Acid models use a single chainring, making shifting much less complicated! Each step up provides an upgrade in components such as brakes, gears, shifting systems, and suspension. For example, on the Acid and Attention models, you will find a remote lockout on your handlebar, allowing you to easily lock the suspension of the fork.

Versatile with Allroad versions and ACID accessories

A mountain bike is only used on mountain bike trails, right? CUBE also offers practical Allroad versions of the Aim. These mountain bikes come with a sturdy luggage rack, mudguards front and back, and a kickstand, making them suitable for anyone who wants to use their bike for commuting, a ride through the city, or running errands.

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Although the Analog, Attention, and Acid bikes are not sold as Allroad versions, they can be easily converted. The bikes already have mounting points for mudguards, a luggage rack, and a kickstand. CUBE's accessory brand ACID (not to be confused with the bike model name) offers options for every bike, making these bikes incredibly versatile and suitable for cycling anywhere.

ACID also offers much more than just mudguards and luggage racks. With the various bags, pumps, tools, and other parts and accessories, you are prepared for every trip.

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Start your cycling adventure

Whether you are looking for a versatile bike for daily use or a serious mountain bike to explore the trails, the CUBE Aim, Analog, Attention, and Acid offer the right combination of comfort, safety, and performance. Regardless of your cycling experience, goals, or preferences, there is a CUBE bike for everyone. Choose the bike that suits you and start cycling today!

  • Aim - from 549 GBP

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