New Ere Tenaci GA40: full carbon aero gravel wheelset built for speed

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The new Tenaci GA40 gravel wheels are the fastest wheels you’ll ever need for your gravel bike. No compromise on either materials or design was made to make this wheelset a reality. And for the perfect aerodynamics, Ere has worked with Paul Lew, an expert on wheel dynamics. The result is a wheelset made to accelerate on the road and off-road.

Newest Tenaci family member

The Ere Tenaci range is made for true adventurers. For those looking to explore and enjoy the unpaved paths, the Tenaci product range will give you grip, comfort and durability. The Tenaci GA40 is the newest member of the gravel family, a full carbon wheelset for performance-seeking adventurers. The wheels are made to handle the impacts during a gravel ride, but they will also give you an edge in speed.

The Tenaci GA40 rims, with a height of 40mm, are hookless, making them fast and comfortable. And with its big box design and the bigger internal width of 26 mm, it will provide excellent impact absorption. This benefits the rider and its aerodynamic performance and keeps the overall speed on and offroad. The rims will fit a tire range between 38 and 58 mm. To top it off, the wheelset has a total weight of just 1580 grams.

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The search for the best aerodynamics with Paul Lew

For wheels to be fast, they need to be aerodynamic. For that, Ere teamed up with an absolute expert when it comes to wheel dynamics, Paul Lew. Throughout his career, he has been responsible for designing and manufacturing cycling equipment for major OEM brands, Tour De France, World, Olympic, and National Champions. In aviation and aerospace, Paul has accrued over 2400 hours of mission-specific flight logistics, planning, and operations and over 5700 hours of operation, testing, and evaluation of dozens of manned aircraft systems and unmanned aerial systems for DRS Technologies, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, General Electric Aircraft Engines and International Space Station.

Together with Paul, Ere has tested and tweaked the wheelset to perfection. After extensive research, Ere proudly presents the ultimate carbon gravel wheels, with a perfect balance between speed and the ability to take impact.

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The Ere Research GA40 gravel rim produces maximum lift at 15 degrees angle of attack. The rim begins to stall at 15 degrees angle of attack, which is typical for bicycle rims but produces significant lift to 17 degrees angle of attack. “Based on the analysis I can estimate that the wheel will produce forward thrust (lift) from 5 - 17 degrees,” says Paul. “Below 5 degrees and above 17 degrees drag will overcome lift. Although the drag numbers for the rim are low, you can add 20 - 25 watts to the rim drag data to estimate the rim drag.”

The spokes and hub contribute nearly 100% to drag, and the rim contributes nearly 100% to LIFT. The rounded symmetrical shape contributes to the stability and high-lift characteristic from a 10-15 degrees angle of attack. Drag has a smooth and consistent low exponential curve throughout the test range.

Available with 100% in-house designed Iona-SL hubs

The Tenaci GA40 are paired to the new Ere Research Iona SL hubs with a 100% in-house manufactured design. The hubs are bulletproof and will practically run forever when properly taken care of. The straight-pull hubset has a low profile and a sturdy design. Its angled flange supports the directional torque going through the hub body, so it can take any beating.

The hubs absorb the forces of the disc brake load during braking. When force is created on the rear wheel and hub as the cyclist pedals forward, the Torque 2 design directs these forces to the part where the material is strongest. That way Ere is able to remove material where it is not needed and add material where it has to be strong.

Iona Hubs Torque 2 Design.png
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The new Iona-SL hubs are as light as possible without compromising strength and reliability. Ere managed to maintain the structural integrity of the hub by creating a thin wall design from very high-quality aluminium. As a result, the Iona hub has a weight of only 235 grams for the rear hub and 100 grams for the front hub. For the Iona SL hubs Ere uses SKF sealed bearings. Perfect for wet gravel adventures and reliable and durable. Iona SL hubs are equipped with a 36T star ratchet system body offering direct engagement in all riding conditions. Iona hubs are available with Shimano, Campagnolo and SRAM XDR free hub body options.

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Unprecedented shift performance with Classified

The Tenaci GA40 are not only available with the new Ere Iona hubs, but also with Classified hubs. Discover the most beautiful gravel paths in a new way with Powershift. It is the most versatile gravel drivetrain and shifts reliably in all conditions. The wide gear range makes sure you don't have to deal with large jumps between gears.

Where will your next adventure take you?

With competitive pricing of 1399 euros, the Tenaci GA40 are now available for everyone who’s looking for the best adventures with the best material. With the Tenaci GA40, Ere combines the ultimate fun of gravel riding with road biking performance. You can choose between three colours: Satin Black, Glossy Black and Glossy Black/White. Go to or visit a dealer nearby for more info or to get your new gravel wheels.

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Curious about the new Ere Tenaci GA40? Don't hesitate to contact Rutger Schellevis for test requests.

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