New cycling clothing brand CYCLIQUE launches on Velofollies

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There’s a new kid on the block: CYCLIQUE! CYCLIQUE offers premium cycling apparel – custom and collection – and is not just another clothing brand.

The goal of CYCLIQUE is to inspire and support people spending time on the bike. They want you to feel comfortable and formidable during unforgettable trips and iconic adventures. That's why CYCLIQUE’s cycling apparel is durable, functional and affordable. Good products for a fair price and made for the best cycling experience. That makes it accessible to everyone.

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Durable and comfortable

The clothing manufacturer is committed to producing sustainable clothing. At Cyclique, for example, you have the option of choosing recycled yarn for custom clothing. In addition, the focus is also on comfort and style. Robert Maurik, CYCLIQUE CEO says: “Your garments are the extension of your style on the bike. A way to capture the feeling that you live with this sport, mark your own personality and express yourself. We offer custom cycling clothing for teams, companies, clubs or events. These outfits can be designed entirely in your own style. We also offer a wide range of collection clothing: stylish designs and quality for an affordable price. And we do all of that with respect to nature.”

Custom and collection

The new brand started out with custom-designed cycling apparel, where durability and comfort are paramount. With plenty of room for logos and the use of the best quality fabric, CYCLIQUE is the one for custom outfits. CYCLIQUE has already fitted GRTC Excelsior with new and complete outfits. And last year, Piotr Havik competed at UCI Gravel Series in custom outfits made by CYCLIQUE, each representing the country where the race was being held.

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Next to custom clothing, CYCLIQUE has now finalized the standard collection. The brand will be offering a complete range of cycling clothing: from various types of bibshorts to jerseys, arm warmers and gloves. Jerseys will be available in a wide range of colours, all inspired by nature.  

The after-work spin, the dedicated club rides, the solo outings – the CYCLIQUE Collection is made for rides that aren’t solely defined by numbers but by a love of the ride.

Official launch on Velofollies

The brand officially launches on Velofollies in Kortrijk, the cycling event of the year. Visit them at booth 335 for a cup of coffee and a look at their brand-new custom and collection cycling apparel.

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